screen Amoy network shopping website in melee parity and Jingdong of ShangCheng Railway Station on the same front, the opponent is a price comparison site. Yesterday, users found that blocked out network search content to crawl. deputy general manager Li Bin confirmed that the shielding measures is started from the 26, and publicly criticized the comparison sites to mislead consumers". Amoy network of Alibaba background is generally considered to be an important factor in triggering the screen door. only show the price of misleading consumers

Amoy network and, Taobao mall as three independent companies belong to the group’s Alibaba, mainly engaged in a shopping search, its data sources including the Internet, external partners and Taobao master. Recently, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong attacked a Amoy network without permission to grab all the products Jingdong direct evaluation, Jingdong mall community has also banned a Amoy network spider grab their commodity information, as well as user generated comments.

Li Bin said yesterday, we encourage comparison, but the comparison should be objective, fair and equal conditions." He believes that two problems of shielding against the network: "one is grasping information is not complete, not all involved, but is selectively involved; two of consumers in the purchase of goods, in addition to focus on the price, also need to know the authenticity of the product, product, customer service guarantee and service level in these aspects, no ability to judge the case, just to show the price, to mislead consumers." Li Bin said, a month ago made a decision, only preliminary busy book online, so only yesterday formally implemented.

a Amoy network: bad behavior evaluation of others

with melee upgrade, other electricity providers also have stand".

Amoy network announced yesterday, with Gome’s e-commerce website Gome online mall, previously, the U. S. State Department’s other big platform Kuba has with a scouring network to achieve a barrier free docking. B2C Amazon China President Wang Hanhua said yesterday that the Amazon, China’s own price of goods is full of confidence, not afraid of shopping search, will not shield a Amoy network content grab.

living in the center of the storm, a scouring network yesterday, said in an interview with reporters, from their own reality, each B2C has a different approach, we do not make an evaluation of the behavior of others". But the relevant person in charge also stressed that a Amoy network to make the price of goods more transparent, the number of businesses currently included in the site more than 2700.

Taobao compete with other electricity providers

for the participants more and more wrestling, netizens have said, whenever and wherever possible comparison shopping is the future development direction of online shopping, electricity providers refuse to search records may be unwise choice. Others believe that a scouring network as a shopping search engine can grab information, but also have the right to choose to grab grab grab or shield.

Google search engine, etc.

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