Online shopping platform Ma fake real thing

recently, Ma fake news sing more hot, as chairman of the Alibaba sensible Bureau, Ma to the United Nations "five ministries in combating counterfeit goods. This is the beginning of the online shopping platform for the eradication of fake or before the end of Ma’s last show, housekeeper throughout the e-commerce Xiaobian take you to enjoy the whole.

Ma Yun said: "the fake Alibaba will provide accurate, increase penalties and proactive disclosure sellers operating data and customer service data." Fake behavior has been fully started last year, data show that the Alibaba to provide clues to the police involved a total of 72 brands of merchandise information, involving a total amount of 170 million yuan, the total number of suspects arrested 324 people, 43 gang.


had carried out before this anti-counterfeiting campaign, but 366ec Xiao Bian learned that Taobao is still rampant fakes. As a leader in online shopping platform operation, due to the urgent need to change the low share, change the competitive disadvantage situation, bring low threshold operation of the fake is flawed Ma heart. Ma is now going to retire, and this heart is not really want to be able to shave it or


business platform aggregation degree is the key, no threshold limits set to do? Because of the particularity of business platform, high popularity, high traffic platform is to survive, but to attract popularity, the threshold is set high, businesses stay relatively reduced not only to attract popularity, but may even have gradually lost the original popularity. But the low threshold and can not eliminate the breeding of fakes, even for its rapid opening diversion channels. And because of the rapid expansion of the low price of counterfeit fast fierce, but also may enhance the popularity of the platform. Fake bad tube, a tube on the tube, so it became a strong reason for rampant fake Taobao.

now, Ma will be retiring, but high-profile fake, really want to sell fake disroot, or washed his face of Taobao’s net worth? Fake, Ma reluctantly said: "in 2011, 2012, the Taobao began to fight against counterfeit, and the rebound force is also very powerful. Fake forces, intellectual property force is very powerful, because they get money too fast, too easy, so they have money, these people want a variety of ways to fight, including to March, Hongkong gave me a memorial service. I’ve been thinking about what we can fight with them, so the joint of five government departments to carry out in-depth cooperation, fight against fraud."

to announce such a high-profile crackdown, seems to be "real". Ma Yun said at the press conference that Alibaba in the protection of intellectual property investment funds, not on the cap, the number of how much". The spoken word is thrown out of the water, and is so high-profile "splash", Xiao Bian speculated that even if the move is to pave the way for the successful listing, but its action may not just talk, believe that in the short term, online shopping platform will converge many fake momentum. However, want to eradicate fake operation platform is not possible, because genuine, good quality goods, goods are fake rely on existing >

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