Electricity supplier giant cross border 1 sea Amoy SKU nearly 6000 kinds

has 11 double ended, there were as many as 217 countries and regions to achieve the commodity trading on this platform, the Alibaba in the park live data on the big screen "light the world" link, make the concept of cross-border electricity supplier in the autumn and winter raging struck.


Tmall international and aliexpress deep into (import) a (export), import overseas direct mail to the Amazon FTA, the Jingdong launched overseas purchase, Suning to "self + investment" model for imported goods on-line channels, eBay teamed up with million Yi outside warehouse export manufacturing China Tonghai force, shop No. 1 on line 1 sea purchase, in addition to ocean terminal to do a platform for cross-border electricity supplier, the appliance providers around the sea Amoy layout this year 2014 is regarded as the first year of cross-border electricity supplier.

analysis of insiders on the "First Financial Daily" the reporter, because of cross-border transport routes, the intermediate involves complex factors, therefore overseas supply chain system maturity will become one of the core conditions of the decision of cross-border business success.

at present, and the pattern of world traditional electricity supplier has been set, the cross-border electricity supplier has not yet formed a monopoly or oligopoly situation, and for once in the China market The climate does not suit one. eBay and Amazon, the cross-border electricity supplier has become the opportunity to enhance the market share of the Chinese.

around the overseas supply chain the core factors, the reporter will be split into its richness, supply logistics level and storage capacity, the user base of 4 dimensions, on the field of B2C, the appliance of rough comparative analysis, which will also become the focal point for the future competition between the cross-border electricity supplier.

both ends of the supply chain compete fiercely

strong sea Amoy demand, with B2B exports, the protagonist of China’s cross-border electricity supplier pattern will be changed.

according to Analysys International Statistics, in 2013 the overall scale of cross-border electricity supplier, exports accounted for 88.9%, up to 2 trillion and 400 billion, and the 2 trillion and 400 billion transactions and 90.4% belong to B2B category, from the perspective of mass consumer. But China’s strong demand for high-quality goods overseas, as well as the prevalence of Chinese made in emerging markets overseas, allow cross-border B2C outbreak this year.


count is currently associated with Chinese B2C market cross-border electricity supplier companies, like Tmall, Amazon direct mail, international Jingdong overseas purchase of this class is mainly engaged in the import business, and eBay, aliexpress (China manufacturing overseas), Taobao (China for overseas Chinese overseas sellers) and other electricity providers to do is B2C export. From another dimension, Ali, eBay belong to the platform model, and Jingdong, Amazon is more dependent on self.

regardless of the differences in the import, export or model, both sides of the cross-border electricity supplier will involve the goods from where and who to sell these two aspects. Whether the product category is rich, whether the price and quality advantages, the user base of the target market and consumer habits and so on, will be in both ends

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