A monthly income of 4000 Taobao Adsense business guest experience sharing

, like most of the webmaster, I am also a Taobao guest, do this line a few days on the full two years, from a lack of experience into the state now, is a very rare experience. I will not write soft Wen, this is the second time in two years to engage in A5 Adsense nets, the first draft is 2010. See the A5 article down a lot, it can be said A5 webmaster is my mentor, you can learn a lot of knowledge about the website here, do not know what to come here to stroll is rewarded. This time the courage to write an article on their own to join the Taobao customer for two years of entrepreneurial experience, to celebrate my two years of Taobao passenger career.


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decided to do Taobao because I am also a Taobao online shopping enthusiasts, often buy things on Taobao. 09 years ago, in Taobao’s membership center to see the word Taobao guest, I do not know what to do, and then has been ignored. Until May 10, prepared on taobao.com a product, your love is very long, Xinyi Dongdong, but the price is too expensive, with the business talk price can’t talk about. So Baidu search how to buy a discount merchandise, Taobao off, the word appears again in front of us, with curiosity, to understand what this Taobao is doing. I am very happy to get the results, the original promotion of the seller’s goods Taobao Commission, which means that I can go to the store through the links to Taobao customers can save money, others can I have a link to the promotion of my commission. Taobao guest this model deeply attracted me to get the family’s affirmation, I decided to join the Taobao webmaster industry.

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hosting space, upload program, my Taobao station named 186 shopping guide. Since the first website, do not know what is the key word, I grope for every function of familiar with the site management background, imitate others several column title, every hand add content, the day did not add much but not tired. A month after the site content, but no popularity, they do not know how to promote the site. The best way is to look at Baidu, out of the first station is A5 webmaster network, from this moment, I like A5, see a lot of practical articles. After the end of the forum to update every day to see the article A5, learning SEO technology, learning website promotion skills, learn to share the experience of the practice of webmasters.

see more good articles if not personally go to practice, but also in vain. I am the best example, from the beginning of May after the station to the last few months of September, I did not earn a penny. This time can be said to be the most difficult one, want to give up the hearts of all those who say, don’t feel so good, always complaining about why Baidu is not included, why not included rankings do not flow, all the problems are pushed to the search engine on the body, had not thought of their own shortcomings which aspect. Read a few articles on the high quality that he has entered a stage of the webmaster, in fact, did not get started. By October, I began to feel stressed

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