Summing up the experience of Taobao customers monthly income of 200 yuan


has been a Taobao guest for half a year. The year before last to pay, but also return. In fact, as long as you put your heart + effort, and then learn from the experience of predecessors, you will certainly have a harvest.

I’ll give you a summary of my experience, I hope to have a new help. My Taobao promotion mainly rely on blog and website:

first blog, I use is to build their own blog, mainly used to promote a single product. In fact, the promotion of a single product blog is also a trick. Blog is a place to write a diary. Do not think that simply hang up advertising will buy. Do you want to use the reverse thinking to think, you will love a full advertising blog, with relish to see and buy?? maybe there will be a single, not much.

so I use is to guide the way of shopping, generally is to write a blog, and then according to the blog content related to the product to do a single product promotion. My blog address is: you can go and see, under the reference. Besides the website promotion, do not put off Taobao, without a little capital to sleight of hand, maybe some successful predecessors, but most is a failure. So I registered the domain name to buy a space to do a Taobao shopping guide station.

my website address is: Taobao shopping street. All the connections on the site are filled with a manual, the shop is also a mother of the Queen’s background to find a higher commission crown shop. A lot of people’s website is a look at the others early code just replace PID in a hurry to upload, do not go to see a promotion when the code has expired? The shop is still there? You go to see your promotion connection is not domain? Now the promotion is in domain. Have you ever thought about these new people who are always complaining about the lack of income?

to be a good Taobao customer, diligence is a must. Do not always want to do a blog full of advertising, find a code to do a website to change a PID you can wait for a commission at home. It is day dreaming. Lucky people may occasionally have a single transaction, and then so silly and so on. And for what is the difference? Want to become a good Taobao customer: industrious, hard, hard, learning is a must. Muddleheaded wrote these. We hope to inspire.

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