Wangzhuan novice methods

in 2010, the network to make money experienced so many years now, there have been many types of project Wangzhuan network to make money in this industry are increasingly prosperous, many of the dragons and fishes jumbled together project Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice will inevitably feel at a loss, unable to start. So in order to let the beginner more Wangzhuan have a basic understanding, I made a classification of the current Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, here will I have classified as Wangzhuan novice. In order to be able to bring a little help.

I think Wangzhuan many, but in essence can be divided into the following categories:

1, click on the ad class

literally can know this kind of Wangzhuan source of income is to click on ads for the Commission, said the industry is also the "click wangzhuan". What is the higher click? Click Wangzhuan is registered as a member of the advertising company, and then landing every day to the advertising company website click on the ads, under normal circumstances, click on an ad can get 1 cents. Click on an ad, then follow the prompts to stay for a long time, you will have about 1 cents a day income, only need to spend 1 hours or so, if you do a project, a month income is also very impressive. But to understand people know Wangzhuan Wangzhuan click on behalf of Neobux. The company has been paying 15 million dollars for its members since its opening in the past 08 years.

2, read mail get commission

this way is called "Wangzhuan Wangzhuan mail", the mail is actually the same and click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan click through links to make money, but the mail Wangzhuan is receive mail in the mailbox, and then click on the message in the advertisement. Click Wangzhuan is directly login website click on the ads advertising company. The specific way to make money is to receive regular mail sent to the advertising company email, choose to make money advertising links, click to open the advertising page, usually a countdown, the countdown ended off the page, completed a click ads. There are usually two ways to deliver this kind of advertising message: one is to send it to your registered email address and the other is in the company’s "in the mail box". You can choose one of them, or you can do it in two ways. ,

3, surfing the Internet class

This kind of

is very popular in the early Wangzhuan form, because it does not require you to click on it, like surfing Wangzhuan companies generally have a tool, as long as you register to download tools, then run every day on your computer, then do not regularly browse toolbar ads, then toolbar will automatically record your points, so that users on the Internet at the same time have the opportunity to earn extra income. Although this is a little surfing Wangzhuan, but it also has disadvantage is that the benefit is relatively low, so should not be taken as the main way to make money, now surfing class or foreign Wangzhuan more, domestic do good even if it is Newsbar.

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