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Taobao customers believe that we all know it, mainly through the recommendation of Taobao merchants to earn money into a commission, it is conceivable that the income is quite high, and some even more than 50% of the goods into. Now there are a lot of people do in Taobao, but it is because more and more people do so it is becoming more and more difficult to do.

first say a concept. If you have a cheque of 10 million dollars a person to go to the bank and you can get the 10 million, but if there are 100 people how to get you the check you? 10000 of you have? So now Taobao customers can be said to have tens of thousands of people to be divided the cake, so do Taobao customer is not so simple! Taobao customers like the other project "one hand" is always the most profitable ones, "second-hand" will get a hand rest to earn, and so on, so do Wangzhuan time is one of the key to.

common Taobao guest mode of operation:

shopping mall, shopping rebate type, Taobao navigation (Web site), single page sales, shopping mall + rebate type

These types of

is slightly more common, there are many types of very rare in this is not much to say. Hu Yibo will give you a detailed account of how these common categories of operation can achieve good results.

mall shopping guide type:

this type is generally more difficult to operate, because other people visit your shopping mall is not as good as to go directly to Taobao, right? Common operations generally rely on local portals and related types of websites do related types of shopping malls. Local portal traffic and weight can be said to be great, do a mall page similar to Taobao, navigation on the local site to get into this page, but the link anchor text to do Taobao better. At least one of Taobao’s last brands, some people go to Taobao is also because of this. The relevant types of site practices, such as: weight loss information network, a shopping mall sales of main products of positioning and slimming products, so you can get the shopping flow so as to enhance the orientation, the specific mode of operation is not to say because I know that you know "".

rebate type:

from the return of net after the start of the rebate network constantly increasing now can be said too much at the rebate, the rebate network characteristics is the biggest shopping shopping let users save costs. It can be said that each commission rebate network to the user is almost the same, so this kind of competition is the price. For example: now each portal has a rebate network, so the best is 360 browser, add a rebate on the web browser function is to save a lot of trouble, so many users to buy simple and get a rebate. Therefore, the development of the rebate network such as the need for a better, must use mobile phone software, etc. to achieve.

single page sales type:

can be said to be the most common, to do a single page sales of products are

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