Find the platform to embrace open LineKong three sword bursts up

Tencent three years of opening · character story "change" is the one that makes people both love and hate words, one can change to bring more of their own opportunities. On the other hand is easy to get rid of those behind the "underachievers".

2013, LineKong Chizha has PC game field for 6 years, all in the brainchild of steady development. However, LineKong founder and CEO Wang Feng was in this year decided decided to transition to mobile game development. With three blue sword "Excalibur", "Sky Sword" and "God" of the blade have been successful it is not difficult to find that Wang Feng was the right decision to bet on mobile.



: CEO Wang Feng

, founder of the blue harbor Online

mobile game era of the whole industry chain structure has been subdivided into developers, distributors, channel platform, as the industry’s leading game developers and publishers, close cooperation with its success and the blue channel platforms are inseparable. With a huge user interface development platform, perfect quality and promotion channels and other resources, and the model of Tencent is LineKong together to create a win-win cooperation in the field of the game at the beginning of this year, "God’s edge" in the Tencent starting the application treasure achieved unprecedented success. In May 7, 2014, LineKong Mobile Games access WeChat payment, and the Tencent open platform cooperation will further deepen. The day before, the Tencent open platform is blue and the success of future development, interviewed LineKong CEO Wang Feng, the following is an interview with record:

Open platform:

Tencent LineKong the main business model is what


Wang Feng: LineKong has been engaged in online game development and distribution. In early 2013, we began to focus on mobile gaming business, the main focus on the independent research and development of mobile games and agent distribution.

Open platform:

Tencent LineKong years of development experience of what an important turning point? What are the key factors contributing to talent shows itself multiple gaming platforms from


Wang Feng: determined the night time to complete Mobile Games, is a web game has been developed for nine months, must give up, adjust to the mobile game, this is the most difficult thing for a team.

blue line for seven years, the most important points: adhere to and embrace change. My hometown is in Chongqing, I like playing mahjong. If you want to Hu cards, must have been at the table. We do the same is true of the game, from the end of the tour the way to come, in the most difficult times did not give up, finally found his rhythm in the era of mobile games. The reason to embrace change, the game’s equipment, type, gameplay, players are changing, as developers will certainly change. In the field of mobile games, and in 2012 2011 after trying to adjust, 2013 LineKong successful transition, ushered in the field of mobile gaming outbreak, "three blue sword" has achieved continuous success.


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