Take off and the merger of Jiange is not only happy two webmaster

recently, in the domestic well-known forum Chinese Wangzhuan circle off net wealth and a new forum webmaster Jiange merger. Two VIP members can share resources.

The rise in the domestic

Wangzhuan which year has not test, but with the economic crisis, more and more people into this circle. Compared with the high requirements for English English Chinese do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, basically want to basically no threshold to make money online people. So the rise of some Wangzhuan forum also.

domestic training this piece of Wangzhuan do best is to understand, a group of people to obtain considerable gold by Wangzhuan thinking method to understand the. Understand from the team out of the suangke, create a cool, suangke first began recording online video, make some Wangzhuan based video can be through a step by step operation, began to make money on the internet. But our Wangzhuan training to one thousand dollars, adding some new restrictions.

forum and training Wangzhuan increasing, but always do better or the devil and Viking Hunter soaring rich network. They rely on a lower price of training and lifelong commitment to training, attracting a lot of novice, countless people also earned money on the network. Although there are some other Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum and training, there are a lot of people selling wangzhuan. But do the best domestic Wangzhuan block has been the three.


engage in Wangzhuan more and more, but many people just started or no entry. There are a lot of people also rely on the sale of the project for a living, many of whom rely on cheating novice to make money, every day on the network will appear to sell new projects, the price of items sold from several hundred to several thousand. The sale of the project quality uneven in quality. Beginner not what judgment, often fooled, a project is good, but there is a limitation, two is not suitable for beginners. But there are many projects as long as the operation can make money. Beginner nor what judgment, often deceived or spend some money, such as when the blogger has just entered the laboratory Wangzhuan Wangzhuan circle cheated several times, but added a forum VIP, it can now reach a lot stronger than work income.

this time, the network appeared in a forum, Jiange. This site actually has a lot of items sold on the Internet to crack the video. The original webmaster like to collect the network is not open video. So adding a lot of Wangzhuan forum VIP, also buy and buy in the hands of their own projects in exchange for many people to buy items, and then through the exchange of their own hands, more and more projects, roughly, the hands of the project in accordance with the sale price to count, but also the value of the yuan. Jiange webmaster operation of these projects also earn some money, but a lot of the project itself did not have time to operate, so they built a forum to put all the projects on the forum. The forum is not open, need to spend 300 yuan to buy a invite code. Although you need to spend money to see the video, but as long as 300 yuan

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