One of the electricity supplier brands get the trust of the future!


"book of changes", from the beginning to the end to Gua, Gua Gua 23 is not economic, the emergence of the "Fu" word. The letter is fu. Trust is very important in business activities, such as those in the CCTV standard "big", consumers actually buy is when CCTV account. Trust the future. Of course, now a variety of authority, reputation has been depleted of credit, for example, experts have become a brick house".


this is an era of lack of trust.

this is an era of information flooding.

this is a time of business.

in this venture has become the era of the market, capital, channels, technology, as well as the team tends to Datong, so brands, products, and even marketing, advertising will be datong. In this business at the time, you can go to a point by reality pull pulpy integrity and thus able to comfort. Because this is a time of crisis of trust, the trust, will have the future.

today was one of the most primary millet to flicker is getting people trust the most profound, namely "brand if the pole three channel environment of the first exit.


has a lot of social phenomenon:

apple each conference condemning, then is still bustling, instantly sold out. Because I believe there must be a new powder value;

is a new brand of milk on the C store in KA supermarket chain No one shows any interest in, they sell a premium of 100%. If there is mass media advertising, is likely to be out of stock. Because consumers believe that the supermarket, and no longer believe that the frequent crisis of big


there is no doubt that NOKIA can crack walnuts, although few have tried it. Whether or not it’s not the point, the focus is on people who believe that the publisher is usually their friend.

brand power, channel power, human power.

is an occasion by trust

now to take hold of the new brand, the first problem facing the market that can be trusted.

China’s marketing history, from the beginning to the reality has been to solve the first problem is the trust.

the first keyword: CCTV

after kongfuyan Qinchi wine, since the 95 years to 66 million 660 thousand won the CCTV standard and BBK, to be the fate of CCTV brand shengjiyishi. For a time, just think CCTV huge audience awareness, the people from the front of the TV to the terminal sales to the consumer. In the face of rising sales results, few people to care about this is what kind of process.

although it is an era of information scarcity, but know that just know, from cognition to disappear

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