The secret of success Tao persevere and endure loneliness


at the end of 07 contact network to make money, said it is very ashamed, at first I just contact some free Wangzhuan, pull off the assembly line and so on, have been built over the site, e-commerce, sell virtual host, then by the end of 09 after the policy of baptism, my agent IDC were eliminated, my career was as if he had lost the direction, with a lot of worry on the stability of web server, has the courage to return to prostitution, until one day I saw off the Taobao help Taobao sellers into the information in the QQ group, let me have the odd good


about my guest experience, I was a working day, basically no time to do the promotion, Tao is very suitable for the night to do, in October last year when a registered guest, also built a navigation site, has been seeking to do flow method well, perhaps because they don’t have the time for publicity go, this society is fair, pay only the return! The next 3 months I specialize in Amoy money, I found that Baidu is the best teacher, every thing you search, every page of Baidu’s worth me to learn, I made a Yu Shu Tong slimming capsule the website, updated daily articles, continue to write the weight of the website to share articles, in February when I get the first guest income of 200 yuan, in March my Amoy income exceeded 2000 yuan, April is 3800 yuan, I do not stop at For better promotion methods, hope will become better and better, of course, my website in a keyword ranked first, passive income also has uncertainty, because we rely on Baidu, GG and so on, so I have to constantly enrich and update their knowledge, I hope to find a successful team, a teacher the project and my most closely, I decided to join the (QQ group: 61754820)


summary: do Taobao customers to be patient, because every one of your guest orders are from a few days ago to promote, can not sit and wait for income, want to pay only the return of


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