How do earn $860538.38 in 4 months

originally a day is the translation of PPC articles sent to the CB sector, generally more than a few of their own eyes and then re translation. Today on the translation, after the two paragraph is not found on the PPC, hair in the CB plate is not appropriate, so the hair in this area before.


first of all, this article is not to move you, not soft Wen, just let you feel that this is entirely possible. This is a comment I write about, I do Wangzhuan experience, from the worst to the best. It looks like a big project, a station, a few hundred hours of work together with many sleepless nights. That’s how I earn $860538.38 in 4 months!

application experience of & tide (ride the wind and waves:


again and again I talked about you have to change a little, that is the marketing of the market segments (PS:niche, the domestic translation into a niche market, silent, here translated into the refinement of the market, market segments, the long tail market). Every once in a while you change to earn some money. In the past year, I’ve done everything from the content of the site to the lottery and then to the free coupon site. In the early 2004 I ran my best aff project, and even mail based license marketing. In the early 2004, to tell you the truth, I made a lot of money. Then things started to get worse, and I was slacking off, the whole 2005. I didn’t make much money that year. Sometimes it’s really hard to get back to the top from a bad situation, especially if you have a few projects that don’t work out. Say simply, I fall back to the lowest point of my successful wave.

until October 2005, I thought about my new project, and then made my most successful year. Find a good idea and control it! The social network (SNS) began to fire up, I think I should profit from the phenomenon, but I haven’t thought of a good idea. Myspace has millions of users, 24 hours a day! I don’t think it’s a pity to take advantage of it. Later, I thought, do not sell these MSN space user products, why not give them something, I think of their site to provide them with free content. In short, I stand and I start viral spread. Don’t let the user to upload something to my website to find information, they all need, free! And immediately ran to tens of thousands of users MSN space on our site, every day 180000+ independent visitors most of the time, occupying one trillion broadband (TERABYTES). Think of the thousands of photos that are hosted by millions of people, and manage the growth.

After two months of struggling with

and my site, I began to accumulate amazing hosting fees. Think about how many photos, text, gadgets, plugins, and how many times a day I’ve been loaded! Do you know why I can afford to pay such amazing hosting fees?

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