How to use the third party blog to promote the product to achieve the ultimate

many webmaster all know the use of blog, forum messages, replies, comments and other ways to promote the chain, and some will do advertising, but directly in other people’s blog or forum content area advertising is often out of T, so most of them are forum signatures, blog comments. As for where the hair outside the chain, then it will not be discussed here, I believe a lot of places have been shared. Today we are going to discuss how to use the third party blog to promote the product to achieve the ultimate.

In fact, any method of

, as long as the heart to do, to do his utmost, will produce immeasurable damage. Of course, patience and perseverance during this period is essential to SEO mentality. Take the third party blog, the author has found that Baidu give weight of gold in the blog is very high, the use of gold in the blog to do product promotion Taobao customer products or other enterprises, will get a lot of traffic and conversion rate of high quality.

The observation of

in the blog for a long time, found that many owners use gold in the long tail keywords blogging occupies Baidu home page, and the operation is simple, rather than do a website, spend time to promote, has much higher efficiency. The following look at the operation method:

a blog article title to Baidu keyword or other users often search words as the title, that is, we often say do long tail keywords. The use of third party blog to promote products, mainly the use of blog published articles to get traffic, and the title of the article should not use large and extensive keywords, must do the long tail. Just like the web site to do a "powder which brand is good" the long tail, the tail can only in the third party blog showed advantages.

two, the repetition of key words, it is important to promote the products on the front, so that others will come, see the preferred promotional products, it may increase the probability of hit, increase turnover, conversion rate.

three, and then is the blog article, in the article can take the pseudo original, of course, can write their own original is the best, appropriate to increase the number of key words appear in the title. Although we do not advocate the promotion of optimization in the usual optimization of keywords, everything should be natural, Zac often mentioned, SEO is a natural art. And in the third party blog a little exception, because the application of the cost of the promotion of the third party blog is almost $0, even if it is really down the right Baidu K, you can apply for one, and their website is not the same. Of course, even if this is the case, we still recommend doing as much as possible.

through the above 3 steps, every day in the third party blog on a planned published articles, the rest of the waiting for the harvest. In addition, try not to do a lot of blog articles in the chain, which is conducive to Baidu. The third party blog

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