Ali mother boomed again Taobao customers to the time of transformation

the day before Ali mother and hung up, suddenly froze off tens of thousands of Taobao promotion account, frozen money in everything from between two hundred to twenty thousand, the reason is to promote data anomalies, two days to see a lot of Taobao station long post inquiry account when can thaw in several webmaster forum (pictured),



you must have on the August 3rd Taobao search ranking rules modification caused by the event? Taobao unilateral breach of contract caused many losses from the seller, the seller all over the country for 3 months at the 4 Taobao headquarters sit in protest, and even a forty year old middle-aged sellers kneeling in the rain for hours to improve the rules of Taobao still not allow Taobao to change mind. Ma: internal staff e-mail said: "we will never change because the interests of themselves, we will not give up their principles because of the pressure we will face any challenge,… We prefer to turn off their company will not give up their principles in the future! We hope that the whole society to supervise and adjust our business policy, if we adjust policy against the open, transparent, sharing, responsibility principle, we will listen carefully to modify. Otherwise, we will defend our mission as if we were defending our lives, "said the 315 web site, a series of protests. But the rules of the game is always made by the strong, the ant is ultimately not understand the elephant shake, the incident eventually by many sellers but accept Taobao’s rule ended.

can not be denied that the launch of Taobao passenger business since Ali mother, because of the added threshold is very low, greatly small Adsense flocking, allegedly currently has four hundred thousand people to do the Taobao customer, which is also part of the monthly income of tens of thousands of yuan income. But even if the individual stationmaster is doing better, higher income, but also for others to do awake, earn some petty profits, earn the bulk or those Taobao sellers. With the continuous improvement of the rules of the Ali Mama, do Taobao customers more and more, people eventually earn a lot of money such as the tower spire scanty or a day, most people tens of dollars, and even more people would not keep themselves alive, really can make money webmaster rarely, I think now we have to do Taobao guest of the transformation of the.


so if what do Taobao off? I think that personal webmaster can choose a more familiar with their own and are interested in online sales, I take my own experience to say! Since I entered since 2004 in this circle, did Google advertising for Baidu the advertising alliance, did the other POP advertising alliance, but the advertising revenue is a one-time, is your site every day there will be no traffic flow included, naturally no income. A year ago inspired by a friend to do e-commerce, I began to do the transformation of this special voice network, because of this

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