On the experience of online trade

network sales, is the most simple and efficient way to sell. The use of online trade, not only information, pictures online, they all waiting for the arrival of the order. Of course, for the next worst. Of course, there are many online trading skills, the following to share some of the personal experience of doing online trading.

focus on business information release.

how to publish information in order to get more feedback information should be diversified? Title (at the buyer’s point of view to consider the issue, think of yourself as a buyer how to check the information, will choose what information, then you will follow such information to release); functional properties of products to highlight the text to fill in the information; try to detailed (concise, so that buyers can understand); with detailed product description; fill in the product parameters, professional detailed technical performance of products (with the form, especially for some more of the product parameters. Product samples (photos are attractive, strong authenticity).

The time period of

master information retransmission. If you are in the computer in the office. Because a piece of information every day can only serve again, so it is best to have a number of similar product information, then the time period of retransmission. So you information can be in different periods to be ranked in the top. If a retransmission effect is not good. But you are segmented. The same information. Each can serve again. That is not the top information will have more opportunities to

The best

release time: eight a.m. to twelve p.m.. Is 1:30 to 5:30 in the morning, people generally work. To deal with other things. Go see the purchase information around nine points. That is the best time. At about 2. At night, maybe some workaholic. In May after eight. But you have the same information. You can not stop the retransmission. So the effect is very good. You always have the maximum possible information in the front row. Let the seller see. This one more chance to clinch a deal.

participate in keyword bidding

PPC is a member of the exclusive search ranking service, when buyers search in the Alibaba supply information when bidding enterprise information will be ranked in the search results before the five, is the first time to find buyers. Key words is usually the company’s main product name, is also the most common name of the buyer search products, such as "packaging machinery", "test box". Key words: four competitive advantages:

1, improve the opportunity to clinch a deal, ranking is very important, if your buyer to search your product when the first time in thousands of pieces of information in the first three will be able to find you, is it helpful?

2, enhance visibility

3, promotion of peace of mind: release information save time, we are not usually very distressed, ranking every day in order to continue to resend, sometimes sent to the query, the morning also ranked on the first page, but in the afternoon to search is not on the first page of the auction, so even if you can help you not every.

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