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on Kijiji advertising alliance

is a world leader in electronic commerce eBay eBay (NASDAQ EBAY) in the global launch of the latest online classifieds site, now more than and 80 in the global city began operations. From March 1st in China officially provide services so far, now ranking in the global Chinese Kijiji website for about 2000 pageviews a day up to 500 thousand people. While the issue of synchronization and information online offline classified ads in Shanghai.

in order to expand the business, and to establish more extensive Kijiji website cooperation, from June 2005 officially launched Kijiji Kijiji website alliance project. Through the project, hope to establish Kijiji in-depth cooperation and cooperation many websites, including but not limited to the following:

CPL advertising cooperation

content collaboration

marketing activities

we sincerely invite the owners who are interested in our alliance to join us to develop our business together.


how to join the Kijiji advertising alliance



select operator to sign up for audit review to start cooperation

joined the Kijiji website alliance, you can choose to join any two operators in the following.


after registration, access code, through the audit can give Kijiji, you bring direct benefits.


billing is what

Kijiji website allianceWe use the

CPL, the price is 1 yuan for each valid posting, through your website alliance advertising, advertising and user success in Kijiji (see review by the audit standard), can obtain income.


customer service standards

trial Kijiji

, a theme of user-friendly, detailed text description, concise and comprehensive, have a real and effective contact (telephone recommended).

two, in accordance with the instructions issued in the right category Kijiji advertising category.

three, if any of the following conditions are deleted:

1, copy the site for advertising Kijiji unauthorized re released.

2, malicious advertising in duplicate a category or more than one category (not related to whether the match).

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