Onhook network fraud decryption base money

There are a lot of

onhook earn 5000 yuan month website, but believe a little network experience of a friend will know, this kind of website is mostly. Why are there so many websites like this?

in fact, the main reason is because of the commitment to the project’s high profits and seemingly insignificant investment costs.

This website

generally require investment is not high, only need to spend tens of dollars or even do not need to spend money to buy a set of software and then began to hang a hook to make money. But in fact, this does not mean that you can make money, most sites will require you to increase investment in the near future, and promote offline.

Don’t be fooled by their

, first you need to understand is: in the network, there is no guarantee of higher.


is guaranteed Wangzhuan will send you a fixed income, and never consider whether you work. Or, never consider your iq. Of course, most people’s IQ is no problem, but there are still a lot of quality problems, or is still immature adult intelligence of children. How can these people even enter the company, can bring much profit for the company? And this is no guarantee that the time the quality of work of Internet security.

these people can strike not dry, or sleeping, which is why the base reasons not credible Wangzhuan, because if it can guarantee the daily income of the monthly income of flowers, I’m afraid socialism already one step ahead of the arrival.

well, it is also for this reason that caused many base on the hook under the banner of wangzhuan. Tell you, in fact, you are not doing nothing, you open a computer, so I will give you money. This has just learned to surf the Internet, it may be very confusing. Even a lot of people will think that he put tens of thousands of dollars to buy a computer, the computer is so expensive to sell, precisely because of the existence of these projects. The so-called paid it people work, in fact, this.

hopes the veteran don’t laugh, really have a lot of friends think so, and in order to argue with me, even make me speechless.

because it involves a technical problem. That’s the question of profit and cost. According to the law of conservation of matter (pure nonsense, but they feel very close to ~), something no matter how changed, which is how much or how many. But who points more points, who points less. How much money will be invested, how much profit will be.

2000-8 is a computer

million dollars (the cost price is the highest price, hundreds of pieces of desktop can get used), and these websites is the slogan of the 5000 month, more than ten thousand month, 100 thousand, sent you into Bill Gates said half a year.

we need to count an account, he earns 5000 yuan a month, the monthly income can buy 2 computer, or new, perhaps also a bunch of small gifts, keyboard, camera.

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