Only CPL advertisers small robot partner formally launched!

dear affiliate member:

Hello everyone! Small I robot and a new product. Just complete a simple download and install to achieve a powerful and practical multiple functions,

for MSN users with unlimited surprises and convenience! Let your MSN interactive experience more exciting!

main function introduction

1 small I robot partner to support MSN more open, you can also open and log in to your multiple MSN account, let you talk to cool.

2 small I partner screenshot function, with the QQ as easy to achieve any local area or all areas of the screenshot transfer function.

3 features interactive features – foreign language assistants can chat in real-time translation of various languages.

can also use interactive games, ready to fight with a friend.

4.MSN Mini blog – allows you to feel the charm of MSN white-collar signature culture! You can browse the latest and most fire personality signature

5.MSN information subscription – heart subscription super rich information and reminders, such as weather forecast, stock warning, Financial Express,

funny comics, social news, hot song ranking this week, beautiful pictures, hot videos and other exciting content.

* 4Standard: 0.3 yuan / month effective installation.

. Valid definition: a machine to download and install a valid number, without unloading within 24 hours.

. The settlement period: Week settlement

*: the return

data return mechanism

* advertising review mode: manual review

welcome alliance members to actively put on!

only alliance

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 2360256

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information:

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445

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