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was born in the traditional Internet, Xu Zhaojun once thought that the mobile Internet is to do both PC, but also to do mobile. When one day, he decided to "put down" PC, suddenly felt that a lot of problems suddenly become simple."


pops founder Xu Zhaojun, entrepreneurship is not more difficult, but how to let oneself from the process to the little pops not tangled, but once the obsession of the most serious problems.

"I have spent nearly a year of hard thinking, whether from the PC to the mobile Internet? How? To do what?" sitting in the conference room on the 5 floor of the Friendships Building, 798 Xu Zhaojun, the lanky, shaved head of the Hubei people, in the tangle and thinking before talking about when there is still clear memories of the past.

the answer is very sudden, but it is completely affected. Through the tea table rising mist curl, Xu Zhaojun told reporters, now his office supplies is no longer PC, but a smart mobile phone and a iPad. Since it is necessary to do the mobile Internet, it should completely abandon the PC, otherwise, under the constraints of the mobile Internet will be difficult to create a real innovation."

little point of the network is not an important reason for the fire is not to find the market pain points". And clap, must solve the problem. Xu Zhaojun is now often proud to say: our products from the line so far, has launched 8 versions, all of which are based on user needs."

when asked Xu two pioneering role Zhaojun of what happened, he scratched his head said: "no previous prejudice, I feel more know how to take advantage of the mobile Internet, a third generation of entrepreneurs, I feel very good."

has such a word in the header Xu Zhaojun micro-blog, "life is like a snowball, the most important thing is to find the wet snow and a long slope, the famous word of Buffett as Xu Zhaojun’s current portrayal. For 2013, still take the start on the road in Xu Zhaojun, though valuable opportunities, however, find the right direction, but is more important than what.

"ask the right questions to get the right answer"

is a rich handsome man, he gave his three women to pursue each of the $5000, see what they do with the money. The first woman took $5000 to their own beauty, Manicure, his beautiful; second women take this 5000 dollars to invest, $5000; third to rich handsome bought a pair of high-end golf clubs. Who do you think is the ultimate choice for the rich?.

this is a story that Xu Zhaojun told a lot of people. "Do little, we have been shouting to do China’s Tumblr>

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