Angel Bay venture do you need a team



there is no doubt that you certainly need a team to be your founding shareholder.

in the early stages of entrepreneurship, when you have nothing, you can attract other team members to come up with their own time and life to invest in you, which in itself proves the charm of CEO and business viability.

team entrepreneurship will bring significant benefits, such as job sharing, collective wisdom, psychological support. I admire the entrepreneurial team’s long-term venture together. I have been in contact with the enterprise, where more than 5 teams, venture together for more than 5 years, have been successful. Simply put, the number of core founding team and the number of years of joint venture, it means that the total length of business, more than 20 on the very amazing. This is your team building the highest benchmark.

you can also imagine that the core team to adhere to long-term joint venture, will be very difficult. It is not only the need for compromise and cooperation, but also the key to overcome the weaknesses of human nature. This also led to the division of the team to become the first killer of venture companies.

so from the point of view of avoiding the failure of the first, you can also think: you do not necessarily need a team. Who can replace, except you.

today’s capital Xu Xin stressed the importance of the core of the founder of CEO, enough to say: do not be afraid of executive turnover. True loyalty or work together with the enterprise. Loyalty of executives need time to accumulate, so do not count a few executives, as long as the founder is still, I do not think there is any core competitiveness VP. The core competence of enterprise". We also see the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area traditional entrepreneurs, most of them is a person, alone out of the boss. Then came out a minimum benchmark.

Internet business, few people have a variety of skills, coupled with the rapid increase of information transparency, so the founder of the team will generally be a combination, such as the minimum combination of products and technology.

I also often encounter a single entrepreneur, could not find a co-founder to build team. My view on this matter is:

1, don’t do it. Will be accompanied by a lot of suffering from pain. I estimate that entrepreneurs will rarely go entrepreneurial direction, it must be full of confidence in the direction of entrepreneurship will start the business. In fact, the joint venture is more important than the direction of entrepreneurship, because the direction of entrepreneurship is easy to replace, and the replacement of the founders will make people haggard. So some people even find a team partner, and then confirm the direction. This state, the team is more because of each other’s identity together, and this in the long process will be a strong bond.

2, spend more time. Many entrepreneurs are all shouting "people, people, people, but in fact did not spend enough time to find, to plan, to think, to interview with enough candidates. >.

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