Do Wangzhuan novice looking for on-line attention points

as the first industry Wangzhuan novice, see all kinds of complicated Wangzhuan company and website, will feel nothing. In fact, the novice at the beginning do not have to do a lot of companies, do not have to rush to develop offline. We should find a good line, basic skills gradually familiar Wangzhuan, gradually familiar with all kinds of Wangzhuan company, before considering setting up their own websites and referrals. Only to find a good line, to find a good company, but also to the Wangzhuan process less detours, as soon as possible to earn a pot of gold. So, as a novice, a good online standard is what? According to my experience, to help newcomers on the road as soon as possible on the line should have the following conditions:

1, he should have their own website, and to regularly update or SEO, the content of the website long-term not updated not new, even the possible collapse, at least that owners do not pay attention, maybe one day you can go to. To determine whether a site in the maintenance of normal active, you only need to check the website of the latest announcement, the latest collection, the latest web site recommending what time on what


2, the contents of the site above to be easy to understand, easy for beginners to get started as soon as possible.

3, he introduced the company should be the best Wangzhuan company, not a waste of time for a novice.

3, he must be able to communicate with the assembly line in a timely manner to solve the problems encountered in the operation of the assembly line.

4, he introduced the company should provide the latest collection plans. The most taboo novice practice is: to see the introduction of the "good" Wangzhuan company advertising temptation cdfds.comoining, even on-line who are not clear, how can get timely and effective on-line help? But not to the line of the rebate. And it is also very easy to do Swindlers Company, detours, I had just suffered such a loss, but also do not go to the other extreme, some novice looking for the line to spend a lot of time also indecisive, this is simply the performance. Good on-line can indeed provide good guidance and rebate, but Wangzhuan money mainly rely on to earn their own, rely on themselves to the development of many referrals made together, on-line rebate after all is a small part, and the on-line guidance is not essential, as long as you work hard to learn, you will become the Wangzhuan master the station with feeds.

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