Lifestyle App how to make money Heap sugar, boiled, oxygen to say

share a secret recipe to help people choose a suitable high-grade underwear, teach your boyfriend beat the United States according to skill……


around the lifestyle business KOL (opinion leaders) in the App platform to earn first pot of gold. Compared to these relatively stable income of individual entrepreneurs, to provide them with a platform to display the space of the problem and the pressure is more obvious: profit model, financing pressure, product tonality, business depth.

due to the relatively low threshold of entrepreneurship in the technology and model, the mobile terminal products around the life of entrepreneurship in these two years, a large number of mobile phone application store. In the capital has not yet focused on the field, these female dominated founder attempt in between "advertising" and "sell" the two profit model to find their differences in gameplay, commercial exploration.

way of life more difficult than the promotion of the pan entertainment market niche. And a few of the founders of the field chatted, try to do the following three from the left or right to do a rough outline of life style entrepreneurship.

graphic or short video

this week, interest community and lifestyle App sugar founder Zhang Juan heap on the company’s business has made a relatively large adjustment, from the original graphic form to expand the field of short video, large funds to support the KOL platform about the contribution of travel, photography, delicacy, home, and other types of private property to share a short video, purpose through the development of the electricity supplier platform rich content.


it’s not an easy decision.

, a short video UGC (user generated content) than the graphic content threshold is high, the quality requirements, bandwidth and storage requirements are new problems, before this heap of sugar is a similar to the Pinterest photo sharing community and interest.

foreign, from giant to grassroots entrepreneurs in the past year will be a short video into a red sea". Industry rookie pear video upload 500 short videos a day; micro-blog add short video entry, WeChat has also recently opened in the circle of friends to share the local video clips in the right to share. Choose this opportunity to enter the short video, in the end is the window of opportunity or tragic competition?

recipes to share a short video and delicacy kitchen electricity supplier App "day to cook" co-founder and general manager Wang Xiaoxiao is optimistic that, when more entrepreneurial lifestyle into this field in a short video form, on the one hand can provide more opportunities for KOL vertical, are more likely to get the attention of the capital.


was founded in Hongkong in 2013 to get the current round of 35 million yuan B+ round of financing, placed in the whole life of the App field, access to capital favor is not an easy thing.


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