Ma Jiajia dialogue red and black sleeves lifted after get rid of ignorance

in the network world, red and black is a common phenomenon. After 90 entrepreneurs Ma Jiajia also in 2014 quickly went through the red and black, and she became popular and black, basically because of the sharp taste of words and opinions. In the comments, is a non polarized coerced years, Ma Jiajia fiddle with a female community of "High", a trip into what she called "" mobile community dividend failure field.

"independent, pioneer, young girl, in the high, talk about gender relations and self growth, and then go to the next line, become friends, but not just friends, we have a common enemy, a common dream, to become the common way, support each other, a doctrine creed, we are one ethnic group, a gang." Ma Jiajia describes the application scenario of High, she said to solve the independent women’s sense of isolation".

2 was invited as the beautiful models, said third began in the unfamiliar street popular Ma Jiajia, look at how, aunt do these men make women founder? Why anti pink? What celebrities can enter her user list? To billion state power network Ma Jiajia, listening to her talk about High on behalf of the the values and product concept.

figure Ma Jiajia (right), Su mang (left two), as well as high partner Guo Han (left)


: High billion state power network called themselves "new women gathering", your definition of "new women" what is


Ma Jiajia: a little younger, called "new girl".

is influenced by American culture brought up a new generation of girls is not clever, not wild die. Neither tea nor Pan Shuangshuang’s Emma Watson girl.

pursuit of sexy, like wearing TOPSHOP, AmericanAppreal and other sports wind of the short tight dew, buy antique Chanel jewelry. To go to fitness, tanning, high appearance requirements, there is a wealth of plastic knowledge. High IQ, smart, humorous, can learn to play. There is very obvious to Chen Danqing can livehouse proficiency in a particular line. Both men and women love, don’t you not hypocritical, popular, appealing and loyal. Dating culture, love, can be a girlfriend, friends, comrades. No sense of oppression, dignified sense of output. Love sex life.

billion state power network: do you think that the "new" girls and men along the way what is the


Ma Jiajia: if it is a friend relationship, it is no difference between men and women, should not be forced to do so.

love, then pursued the breeding of love. All for the purpose of breeding, the general idea is to use what I have to replace what you want to give me". In the face of a boy likes to pick problems, should now look at the advantages. Appreciate the advantages of each person, will praise, praise. Forget.

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