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A5 released a lot of experience, always feel a little less today, took time out to add, no matter how terrible or how we do stand unsteady and anxiety, we really ought to adhere to in the first place, of course it is not me to preach, we first give a cheer, do so long standing, who really feel the station is easy to open up the situation, not looking at GG all day slaving away, or worry, or looking at the poor flow of heartache, let me quote the words of Ma: "today is very cruel, very cruel tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow is beautiful, most people died in tomorrow night, so we have to face hard every day today", in a word, we must insist on.

, a rough count I do logo site a year, not to mention earlier that, after the years of continuous improvement and management, only slightly stable income to this time of year, so we should advise those who often play, with new colleagues to cool their own heart and not too high, even if your site has good ideas, good technology, in the Internet community with half a year without a position, it is not possible, it is not by cheating SE ah, rape users of these techniques up to do, I said here is normal the promising station, we should first have to not give up the psychological preparation.

day in a English website group chat, a guy suddenly hit me, you asked me how not to throw away the Three or four a month has a pool of stagnant water. This is not fun, despite the fact that I was worried, but I am sure that my website is really doing their own value, besides, it is only three or four months, can do what we like these, no investment, no team, only their own personal webmaster, admittedly I have their own more on Internet as the depth of understanding, perhaps we have technology, we can work together on top of several other people work, but after all, weak ah, we insist that we can do what


I remember I said my music station, then it is difficult to do, mainly PV is too low, but still have to adhere to, after several months of operation, the flow can be said very well already, now every day browsing in 1.3-1.6W between the GG, income right, but a great the reason is that I give each page on GG.

of course, today’s topic is to persist, not to boast here, I will first talk about my own understanding of the persistence. Personally, I think there are three aspects of persistence: 1., persisting in constant innovation; 2., insisting on constant repetition; and 3., insisting on constant introspection.

1, insist on constant innovation,

is the innovation of any website, even up to the company to continue in-depth study, only the innovation of our website can really retain users, similar sites can be afraid of competition, as in the last.

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