How to correctly understand the activities of new media operations

what is an activity operation? The operators of a product are able to achieve the specified product goals in a short period of time, independent or combined, through a number of activities. It is so important? The first Mr view, operating activities almost every product operation Department of the standard, the products in the operation process, so that products can be the best way to enhance the value of product information and feedback.


users, probably for a product in the beginning is not so familiar, but the product activity allows users to remember forever, whether it is very cool to burst the experience is very bad experience. We all know more about the product from our activities. And the product can also be further optimized, and some good activities into a system of construction, such as group buying system, coupon system, spike system, invitation system, attendance system, and so on. For these activities as operators of practicing what skills? And MR analysis to show you the first.

first, beautifully active copywriter,


head when doing the operation always adhere to the important skills still need to master a point. Can not say that they are operating activities, regardless of copy planning things, this idea is wrong. Because at the beginning of the activity, it is necessary to write some activities of the copy. Perhaps the beginning of the writing is always miserable, but as long as more written, you can let users see more clearly.

second, design of activity flow

The skills required for the design of the

activity process require you to master how to draw the flow chart skills, which requires strong logicality. At the beginning you may design process must be simple, but everything is done well, do more, you will realize a process which, to achieve the effect is natural, appropriate, and is willing to perform the user. In fact, if you want to do it, you can refer to the following picture of the style.

third, the development of activity rules

all activities need to have an activity rule, this needs to learn a little design psychology, because need to know what kind of rules the user likes. For example, when the prize time is to allow users to directly receive, or via SMS sent to users or push through push, but also by WeChat. You’ll understand that good rules give users a clear understanding of the rules of activity, because a few steps are the limit of the user.

fourth, activity cost estimate

activity cost estimate is to understand the cost of pulling an index single, activities will be brushed, where the risk, need to do is the risk control. It said the wind control is very important, the high cost of operating pressure, low cost of the user is not willing to participate in the activities of the design, more beautiful is no good.

fifth, activity expected earnings

pays, of course, gains. Activities >

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