Doomed to earn money 8 types of webmaster

first class work: a hot, not one of the constant one. The construction of Web site, especially the promotion of the website to invest a lot of effort, the success of the webmaster must remember such a plot: night a little more, is also the Internet bubble.

second: people who want to become rich overnight through the website. People come to understand this point, that is not a half time meeting,.

third: the website just a bit of traffic is eager to put spam advertising people. Maybe your website just get other people’s good opinion, but soon by your spam advertising destroyed.

fourth: to rely on the resources of others to maintain their own people. Now there are many stationmaster Content Alliance online, you will only need to specify the IP domain name, you can start your web site, you will feel very good, then you will find that everything you do is only for people propaganda.


fifth: want to make money by someone else’s domain and space, there are a lot of free space and the two level domain where the Internet but without exception, or they want to add ads on your website, or make your space flow restrictions. In a word. I really want to rely on what free space: what free domain typing can build up the website development, very difficult, very difficult. Is developed, people put advertising but better.

sixth: the building of the station does not have a substantial, sustained by people. Now this cheat flow is not in the minority. Stop posting, said his site to engage in activities, prizes, can be substantial. What are not, cheat a traffic and advertising click.


seventh: dishonest people. Don’t say that websites have developed, and soon you will become the target of.

eighth: people who develop their websites on the virus, this kind of person is the most annoying. Have the ability to do a substantive content of the site. There are technology, but also afraid of mixing food,.


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