Diligence updates, caution hangs thief code

website can generally adhere to the collection of updated webmaster is not much, if a lot of, it is estimated that now can earn money is mostly, not now, a few can make money. The reason is nothing but perseverance and perseverance.

I am a webmaster, I like, also lazy, in order to "diligent" update, I stand under the two level domain name is v.532700.net mainly is the movie "the thief" program, said the "thief" program as we all know, is to steal the update information, the interception of people into the main. Your. No updates, stolen websites updated. Your site has also been updated. When you do it, you don’t have to worry about it.

again, after the use of "thief", my http://s.v.532700.net basic need not update, every day there is new content, during the observation, search spiders also come to patronize, but rarely included. Google spider included very soon, update is also fast, but after a short time directly K my two domain name. Baidu is OK, included 2-3 pages, also did not see movement, but without K. When the impact is the biggest impact on the main domain name included, included in the 600-700 has been hovering, I made a special sitemap, but also no effect. Recently, the rectification of the record, rectification vulgar, because fear of involvement, for insurance purposes, the direct deletion of the "thief" procedures.

site today, and found that Baidu included www.532700.net reached 1300 records. It seems that the "thief" program on the main domain name is still affected by the point. At the same time also found that doing web site, diligent update is the truth, cautious hanging "thief" code. Website rectification requires us to do website, but also to do boutique website. This is the 60 in Daqing, according to the Dang convention, estimated in October before and after the rectification is more powerful, so start doing fine now, avoid with the current policy and needle conflict is wise.

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