Grassroots money, but love the truth, moved tens of millions of people

grassroots webmaster are everywhere now, he did not have the money, the domain name space is already spent a lot of effort, after doing a good job, but not previously think so good, poor little every day flow, the money every day live frugally so naught,

is worth?

our grassroots is no money, but we have a moving heart, the truth is priceless, the power is infinite!


more than a month ago, a friend and two people to buy bought the domain name space, began their own grassroots career, we do is a forum Changsha Star Community (, the early development is good, but there is no additional funds to maintain the development of the website, we all know that it is difficult to the development of.

but we keep a lot of people with real feelings, especially some very good moderators, and I feel very happy.

, here is a paragraph we write a Moderator:


, love the starry sky community, and write to all the management members of the Changsha starry sky community

A few days ago

aiwan made a post in the chat inside, everyone is how to survey the stars of the community, I read this post was very deep feeling, want to write what to write, but there has been no.

everyone came together like this and formed a team to maintain our common home — Changsha starry sky community

– Changsha stars in our community community has been established for 35 days, we have worked together for 35 days (a new moderator may not have to), for 35 days, there has been no further. And we talked about the feelings of the community, I think the community is mainly set up time not enough, no capital let you fall in love with it, it needs to show in front of everyone for a period of time. All of the community development, community progress to see clearly, now I think it is necessary to talk about the heart, hope that we talk about it, talk about feelings about the community, the community views.

5: Wu Jie Wu brother, you know this is a long time ago, the old partner, and you talk though not much, but we have been working with you, support to the community I always look in the eyes in mind, from the community since its establishment, no matter how busy you are, you focus on the community straight without interruption, will be launched every day, every day to see the community, look at the community’s post, reply to give members some encouragement, you can also send in pictures of themselves in the community to support the community, to guide the popularity, you have been looking at our common children, thank you!

is now the community a little bit of achievements and you are inseparable, feeling Wu brother there is a pillar of our community, we work together to take care of it, first said that Wu brother, because the first thought of Wu brother, happy > 81

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