16 days, let the engine included new tips

on new sites included, has been difficult for you to solve the problem of thinking, I think if you are new sites, in the domain name before buying, you should pay attention to the following:

1. to buy the domain name before each big search engine website, there is no record, if there is a record, generally by Baidu and some website K objects, and the website of Baidu is not included in.


2. domain name is best within 5 characters, abcdf.com, abc.com, too long to remember, and this is an important part of the evergreen site,.

3. domain name choice is best abstract, phrases such as China News Network chinanews, I le network 56 is also an important part of evergreen website.


4. site selection and fill in the name, I think the new station is not included in the Baidu keyword before, don’t write as well, because Baidu hate this, Baidu is the real content, Baidu included, are you doing the whole optimization keyword or something /p>

website name choice, because of the reasons for the record, your website name, hope not to appear: news these make the record all feel difficult words, Baidu also afraid, the title is best in 30 characters,.

now I give examples of new sites, 16 days is how to let the major search engines included:

one. Spam messages don’t hit:

site after construction, do not go to the major forum post said your website news, do not go to the Post Bar Baidu Baidu know inside hair, or your website look period will be longer, there may be a few months will be included in the.

two. Published soft Wen Google included:

in Kaixian online network as an example, the website published some articles "Kaixian online network operations planning schedule.Doc and Chongqing street vendors network development into two soft webmaster" were submitted to China station Admin station network, IT world network, Chongqing daily, the large network links HTTP://WWW.KXPOP.COM which was attached. And in this form, not three days, I wrote a soft propaganda has been the domestic more than 50 large and medium-sized websites, which are all attached to the WWW.KXPOP.COM link.

according to the method of operation, the fourth days of the station were collected by Google. We can go to Google to check, "Kaixian online network" or "SITE:KXPOP.COM


three when your website promotion articles following up, you’ll have to go to each big engine website to submit your site, but also to let the customers to choose web site also included. In the method, not every site is your object, I choose the site around the world ranked 80 thousand in.

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