Don’t be a copy of the web site of the robot

how many stations did you do, how many stations were thrown, and how many stations did you live


, I’m a little girl. I’ve got 4 years since I met the Internet. Here’s a talk about my website,

does it every day, throwing it every day. It’s the most figurative metaphor for me.

remember from the beginning of 2005 has to do the impulse, but they do not understand the programming, also don’t understand art, because I study is environmental engineering, so for these code to see dizziness, but want to realize their dreams, so every day on the Internet bubble period, Baidu will soon let me rotten, every day search every day, and every day to remove QQ friends, QQ friends, every day in the query, in consultation, finally one day met search source station in big brother, he said every day they update a lot of code, give him some code to study, engage in a long time is still not white, and he in the process of the communication to him I also introduced cms3.x, then go to the Baidu, but also found not used, after 12 days of fighting finally learned template HTML and label the call, my first website insurance network (. I have been divided into more than 50 columns. I want to include all the contents of the insurance industry. The columns have been set up, but then I was silly, and the daily update became my biggest problem. Every copy and paste job makes me tired angrily do not get up, (in this new website to remind owners, does not require perfection, do fine do fine is your right choice.


did not do a good job done, but I learned how to build websites with fast CMS, because the love of the network I am going to another registered domain name registered a domain to do local station after listening to the local station is not the trend, so still use foosun CMS to begin a new journey to the station. And the last is different I learned the acquisition, after 1 months of hard work n collected many articles, looking at the word "cool", this time do not know do not know more money, promotion, thought is the famous website that waiting to sell advertising to sell membership can be profitable. After one and a half months to finally fix, with all the old webmaster exchanges also know a word called advertising, then put in the code is registered on their website, click on others to make money, ha ha this makes me very excited, so I quit the job quickly establish a website, copy the website, in the first half of the the time I collected 28 web sites, Baidu included mostly in dozens of pages, one of the top more than 30 thousand but less when the highest flow of hundreds of IP, so I make small dreams and quickly burst. Here to remind the new owners and friends, do you care for him every day he will pay attention to you, you give him a pile of garbage, he didn’t look at you, don’t make no sense acquisition station.

‘s last stop is an education resource station,, just last month

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