Readme DC that can not tell the sad and tears

from a computer enthusiast to the space business, so I experienced a lot of bumpy road, from the rise to the sudden decline and then rise, which mixed with unspeakable bitterness. Maybe you’re in here too…

I never liked to play online games in the boring everyday life. The computer has become my only friend, in the sea, every day to see thousands of users in search space, the heart can not control the blood surging, then, is the IDC industry development period, look at the situation, it was nearing saturation. It is because of this a moment of thought, I in an old boss of IDC under the support of IDC on the road, full of confidence for 2 months, every day not improving the website template as far as possible standardization, I thought then, smiling. Maybe it was good for the IDC industry, half a year, second servers, 9 months, and third servers. The sense of achievement gives me infinite hope for the future of IDC, the inspiration for entrepreneurship and success, something that I can’t replace 20 years old, and the future,


20 years old, was so excited for anyone, but no time to enter the site several times during the period of investigation contents of small problems did not cause a big influence on me, some things are doomed? Fate? Notified by the server is blocked, 3 months. That’s what makes me experience the lows of life, no. It should be said that life is low. Heart! It’s cold. What else can I do? What about the users I face? How can I remedy this? Negotiate with the above… Negotiate with my own responsibility. It was an agony of crying, a sense of guilt that attacked me… A secret of the IDC industry, and 7 days later I was back in the IDC circle, and I saw the sun. In these 7 days, only then 7 days, really felt the life three, three falls. After this storm, I was cautious and pay attention to every minute detail.

IDC road is not easy, in a huge market breaking out of their own world, the need is persistent, confidence.

1, persistent, but not obsessed with fans, the market is volatile, but also change at any time.

2, confidence, is their biggest motivation, believe in yourself, only confidence.

I’ve wondered about the IDC market, and how far can IDC go, personally, considering how saturated it is now?

I support

IDC told me that the United States than our network development N in advance, you see there is no virtual host? These words inspired me, anything in a certain number of time will reduce the profits of all people, in order to defeat, and persevered, is the winner. The experience is essential, and good operation mode of formal operation, innovation can not shake the market, although say so but it is difficult to have new changes, there is a saying that good, if not to innovate, even to imitate, to imitate (good) target >

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