Talking about the core value of forum marketing

forum, netizens are familiar with it, it can be said that the Internet ashes level applications. With the same age popular enchanting chat room, almost come to an end, and the forum, but still beautiful, but also derived from Baidu Post Bar, Tianya laiba these younger heroes, then came to the horse blog, SNS also did not account for cheap.

for BBS marketing, narrow understanding is in the BBS above some group of company information, product information. The past and present, there are many companies and people are keen on this kind of work, the future will probably continue to do so, one-sided and unidirectional way that, from the point of view of the characteristics of the Forum on the contrary, the effect is just passable, even unpleasant. Seriously, this approach can only be regarded as a pathological and wishful way of network marketing.

What is

so broad and effective marketing forum? Look at the forum to participate in the topic clustering features: (disputed) interactive sharing, these five words contain the core features of the forum.

forum marketing first step, as an enterprise, identify yourself in the forum inside the position is very important. You sell IT products, and you don’t have much to go to the tea selling forums. This is.

forum marketing second steps to participate. This is very simple, that is, to find their own base, it is necessary to join. Register as many accounts as possible (Ma Jia).

forum marketing third steps, topics. With your account, you have the right to speak. Here is what to say? This is very important, which requires companies to have a strong event planning, event planning, topic planning, post planning ability, inside the core of this principle is to always stand to consumers, the listener side, they want to think, think they think about their worries. To put it plainly, you are the consumer. This stance and principles of care to do marketing plan. Controversy is also a good strategy.

The fourth step,

forum marketing interactive, post out, the most important is the thread, the thread, the post will become a big stick, big stick sticky sticky and more often, people click, view, thread, this is a virtuous circle.

forum marketing fifth steps to share. This is the most dynamic result of interaction, a consensus or tendency or experience that most people have reached. This requires constant guidance from the enterprise. Sharing a consumer experience is affecting consumer behavior. That’s the point.

in fact, forum marketing is a subtle process, can not see the dazzling dazzling magnificent BANNER advertising, advertising words, utilitarian straightforward call uproar, but to have more power than these. Why because experience consumption is not a simple trading but a solution to buy, with a sincere and full disclosure of information, more user experience to tell consumers, the product, the service, you deserve it, this is the essence of marketing forum.

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