The experience of buying virtual hosts on the eve of the website

‘s own site ready, should buy their own space, the original free space is certainly not used, can face many space business, really gives me a headache, see everywhere, everywhere check, looking at about two weeks, primarily according to their own needs and can accept the price of selected 3 house. So I started the trial. I opened the 3 house on the weekend and uploaded my own station. Of course, just pass a part.

I tried the three space providers, here is not directly named, in case of AD suspicion.

space A, very fast, located in Xiamen, he is Telecom, considering I am in Beijing, and the price of this house is more expensive, I did not immediately decide.

space B, Ji’nan, is the hometown, ha ha, look at the price is very cheap ah, want to buy, can wear with the customer for a long time, they can not provide a real test, that is to say WEB can only measure, not with the library, can not open a database, for the first time to buy my space it really is not the end, although miss service attitude is good, but what is to own use, and finally find another way.

C, Beijing, is said to be the best domestic environment, ha ha, contact test, attitude can also, but they call to turn, make you dizzy ah, the price is expensive, opened after the trial, somehow, they have been the database remote access timeout, oh, the pain ah. Despite their good reputation, they were forced to give up.

but can only think of other ways, then see the flat-share server information, although at that time did not understand, or contact, flat-share has a very obvious advantage is that the space is very large, but basically not what too much restrictions o.

I test is a space in our hometown, I may be more nostalgic, space is good Oh, very fast, although the price is much higher than the original budget, but still acceptable. Finally, to finalize this, orders, upload, help set the domain name, test, record, coherent, everyone can experience the speed, now run station is Bibi cattle if you are interested, I’ll tell you what, in case someone said I made what the advertisement.

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