Who will protect my original pseudo problems, branding is the positive solution

in the face of increasingly spread on the network "copy acquisition pseudo original", adhere to the cruel reality of the original grassroots webmaster have to face is that homemade original content written information more easily by others "copy acquisition pseudo original" network ", who is to protect my original question has been" can be heard without end.


I don’t accept the contents of the original starting Baidu, "Baidu copy weight qiatouquwei" is very high

when I started also like many friends, to protect their copyright hopes in search of "web content recommendation" engine body, published in his blog after with copyright information for the first time, again with the copyright information submitted to A5 weight industry website – but even so, the replaced copyright copy the information collection of pseudo original things remain even in Baidu It is often seen., others copy collection of pseudo original article weight is higher than my original — not to mention my blog was Baidu drop right, more than a month to a Baidu original content are not received, so "qiatouquwei" pseudo original there is a lot of.

this situation, at any time, to protect their rights and interests of all the blame to others — including the search engine and even expect legal protection is not reliable. The state expressly prohibited, current law, social morality is unanimously condemned, the problem is that you have a lot of time on rights? Not to mention the moral condemnation. Therefore, in this case, we do stand clear purpose, to change the site of operation is imperative.

first, we must understand the fundamental purpose of the Internet is to share information and value transfer — not only is the search engine, the author even every reader he cares about the original content than the original content value, our own is not an exception, in "on the Internet" face value ", Baidu search on a R & D department" original content "value only through the" site gain "(more sites, especially the high weight website, more users through various forms to recommend) and" content gain "(more readers published insightful comments), in order to fully reflect the value of original content — this is the basis of all copy acquisition pseudo original popular.

from this perspective, a variety of copy acquisition pseudo original operator as though people can not agree, but it makes your original content is more widely spread, this is an affirmation of your original content value, but more reproduced for their original impostor, stealing from the original content should be the original author the gains (website weight and author reputation), let people despise.

this is a moral issue, but in such a "copy acquisition pseudo original" era of popular, so "was an imposter" is precisely that we have no brand awareness, we can appeal to the legal protection of Internet copyright, but we certainly can not wait for the law to further reduce the cost of rights after I >

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