Look after the 90 queen cake is how contrarian rise

believes that now mention of micro business, people’s reaction is no longer bursting with popularity, but not shunned, in fact is on the decline of the derivative of the road, but how to find a way out of their business in this environment?

2013 with "acquaintance economy" to establish the business ecosystem for derivative rapid scenery, but from the beginning of May this year, booming derivative nearly a year of sudden cooling, relying on the circle of friends were single sales channels are no longer effective, the 90% derivative is suffered a decline in performance, and even some small brands this is closed, agents run away, the myth of wealth over packaging foam industry is experiencing reshuffle.

single-handed into the circle of friends

2014 in November, as an executive food company, nine to five is Zhou Qian life every day, work is also more than a simple idle boring, after graduating from the school, the monthly income of 3000 yuan and idle life that the 20 year old girl a lot of thinking, and her boyfriend home to chat life planning, changed her boyfriend’s next life.

"you do so dessert for a day, try!" reminds me of my undergraduate professional nutritionist, Zhou Qian more agree with the idea of her boyfriend, December 2014, a boyfriend bought baking machine, lit Zhou Qian cake career.

for entrepreneurs, only to get the first batch of users in order to survive, and for Zhou Qian for quality and taste that trump seed users.


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