College students entrepreneurship vigilance four mistakes

for college students, graduation season is a new chapter in life. Now many college students have the idea of entrepreneurship, however, for   college students, blindly learn from the successful experience of entrepreneurs, and can not solve all the problems in practice. In addition to down-to-earth, hard Fen   Dou, entrepreneurial success has no common law. At present, there are some common mistakes in the early stage of entrepreneurship in the early stage of entrepreneurship

technical errors. Whether at home or abroad, often hear entrepreneurs continue to emphasize that my technology is the best, in order to get the favor of venture capital. However, venture capitalists do not value technology, the entire project they are also concerned about the concept of marketing, management  . Investors are favored by the high growth of enterprises, compared to one-sided advocate of high technology, they are more valued in the future can be more market-oriented enterprises  .

ownership errors. In many Chinese thoughts, there is a "has a" complex, do not attach importance to cooperation and sharing, this is taboo   entrepreneurship;. Zhongguancun large number of small and micro enterprises, mostly difficult to do bigger, slightly larger to fission, the root cause lies in the concept. Entrepreneurial team   we must work together to make a big cake. Famous entrepreneurs have deeply regret to say: "I made a mistake with the original shares too heavily in the   the people did not come in, so the enterprise is still a piece of cake."

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