How Watsons wins the heart

as a cosmetics chain, Watsons’s success is worthy of recognition. Not a lot of female consumers rely on Watsons, regular purchases of beauty products and daily necessities, then Watsons success is what?

rely on accurate consumer group positioning, professional service, high quality and inexpensive brand products, professional and systematic promotion of a series of interlocking fine business initiatives, Watsons firmly caught a large number of loyal customers, and avoid the homogenization of competition and shopping malls, large supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores and shop and other retail formats, it effectively realizes their own operating characteristics.

in the growing homogenization of competition in the retail industry, only to provide consumers with products and choose the appropriate high-quality shopping experience in order to win the market. And the basis of all this is to achieve the right target consumer groups. Watsons will lock the target consumer groups in mainland China at the age of 35 years old, the monthly income of more than 2500 yuan in the fashion of women in. Why is it that the preference of this group of people who have a longer age of women have already had their own brand and lifestyle, it is difficult to make a change.

and the population under the age of 40 is challenging, pay more attention to personality, love experience high quality new products. At the same time, it is the fastest growing income of women in a group, there is a strong spending power, but usually tense time, do not like to go shopping or supermarket shopping, the pursuit of a comfortable shopping environment. These consumer characteristics are consistent with Watsons’s product positioning.

create "expert" image

into Watsons, you will find that gives people the feeling not walked into a supermarket, but a professional personal care stores, why it is


this is due to the precise target consumer group, Watsons and then put forward the "personal care" professional service and marketing concept. The store is not only for personal care to provide a complete product line, but also in the display of goods, according to the order of cosmetic skin care products – Classification – beauty products – hair care products – Fashion – drug display, convenient for customers to choose.

own brand strategy

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