n 2016 three schools also recruit art opening

2016 art opened, North in three schools also play from recruitment, the brightest beautiful handsome gathered in Beijing, the competition is very fierce. Performance department is still the favorite candidates.

The Spring Festival holiday

[highlights: art high temperature reduction, performance of the fire]

15, Communication University of China, Beijing Film Academy, Central Academy of Drama, three colleges and universities began to recruit art majors. The reporter saw in the school campus, the crowds from all over the world, students and parents are admitted in the examination room waiting outside, art is still "alive", fierce competition.

According to our

2 on Sept. 15, candidates prepare for the exam in the waiting area. Communication University of China art students on 2016 before the start.   Xinhua News Agency reporter   Wei Mengjia   photo

[two highlights: improve the "cultural", increase culture course assessment


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