What should be prepared for Entrepreneurship

Now you have already graduated from

for some years, you will not feel a few years of work still what are not, most people want to work, but it should be business as early as possible, such as after the age of 30 years of entrepreneurship are not, in fact when, ready to start, you should want to know about entrepreneurship should what are the preparation.

1. no matter how much money you earn, you will have money into five, a monthly rent, a meal, a friends treat a bank if you store this [the] primitive accumulation of capital, a water electrical network traffic communication costs.

2. a lot of people say that money is earned not accumulated, which I am not particularly convincing, at the beginning, we do not have too many opportunities to make money, and since we can’t open it can only be saved.

3. don’t want to start a mouth to eat a fat man, suddenly have all the venture fund, it is not shown, is a specific edifice of the cover.

Read more books than

4. have nothing, no matter what the subject matter, what the content of the book, so much later, when you talk with others talk, the more talk, not in the key, say, ice.

5. on Saturday, you can take a part-time job, so that you can meet more friends, and access to more industries.

6. the development of the one or two hobbies, this is absolutely my wise remark of an experienced person is too much, before my interest, basketball, badminton, guitar, writing and so on many kinds, that spread their spare time and make any hobbies are not very good, but will be written, only the benefits of such is when you play with others, you will be more, but none in words, but also can not find any reason to make people around you next time.

7. do their own work, work when I just want to work, don’t think about anything else, his work understanding is completed, master, because this is one of the main sources of your original capital accumulation, and the work can not be broken, not three days fishing nets two days of drying in the months of work in this work for a few months.

8. to make their own value, with the boss to raise the question of wages, so that everyone can convince you of the ability to work.

about the primitive accumulation of capital here, but also need to keep an eye on things around them around, maybe a good idea when you inadvertently, not stuffy in your little house all day, in addition to freedom, and not what kind of prison two.

several conditions I venture out, this can help you do a reference:

1. have a good idea and idea;

Co founder of

2. have a reliable, the founder doesn’t have to be much stronger than you, but certainly not worse than you, but also the common goal of the two person to be consistent, if temporarily unable to find first don’t get people together;

3. has a small team of three people

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