Early start to recognize the four dangerous

for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial risk is to make them very headache, but, since the choice of this road, the risks and difficulties are inevitable. In the early stages of the business we will encounter a lot of danger, which requires a lot of attention. So, the beginning of the business to recognize the "dangerous"? Let’s take a look.

a why business? Entrepreneurship is a thorny road of a close call

start this thing, experience is accumulated out of the blood and sweat, not experienced, listen to others say is not reduced but almost invalid. Before positioning the direction of entrepreneurship, the most important thing is to see whether they are suitable for business, do not blindly venture, please be sure to think about why you want to start a business? Short term goals? Medium term goal? No matter what reason is business, what is the goal, must write, but very precise, like going to within 3 months to complete the product, or to achieve monthly revenue of 300 thousand yuan in the second half of this year; not only think, because thinking is very vague, when you write down your goals. The center of life, ways of thinking, ways to spend money and so on, will be around this goal; the way a lot of people would say "I want a lot of money, but there has been no rich, because only want to do, but also do not have a precise target, so many decades are only thinking the stage.

two, how deep the water industry? Don’t wait to exit the industry. Even haven’t learned

usually start from the starting point of the understanding of the industry, most companies are making love complexity, even the whole industry has also become increasingly complex.

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