Small city restaurant selling what to make money

different city, different economic development, the flow of people, made by the natural consumption environment will be different, therefore, if you want to open a restaurant business, also need to choose the right products. So what do small city restaurants sell to make money?

one, selling popularity, open where easy fire?

compared with big cities, small cities rent low, there is a certain operating advantage. In the case of the same amount of investment, the small city to open a restaurant, shop area can choose more than 200 square meters, this is because:

first, can directly and effectively focus the attention of customers, to attract customers to eat.

second, the hotel reception hall relatively spacious, business dinner, dinner is a face, easy to enter the shop.

third, a small city of the customer does not love a, if the store is too small, not enough seats would be the loss of passenger flow, therefore, large stores can make more and more customers are willing to stay, improve traffic.

of course, small city opened stores should also consider specifications and city coordinated, people eat out the figure is from the point of departure to the restaurant in the way of convenient. So it seems that the large site in the community, District, office buildings around the floating population in many places, to ensure that there is adequate flow of people.

two, sell popular, what kind of restaurant?

1, with local trends, appropriate innovation.

opened a restaurant in a small city, an insurance practice is to follow the local food trends. Because small cities are not as large as the population of the city, the taste is miscellaneous, the food category. The small city of local characteristics, group fixed, stable local flavor, what is the most popular format, you can consider doing the same format or similar formats, but remember that there must be innovation, the innovation can be dishes, can also be a decoration or service.

2, variety should not be too much.

restaurant in the small city, the types of dishes can not be too much and too miscellaneous, 50 less than enough, or both will make the restaurant is no characteristics, increase the purchase cost will increase the workload of intangible, Houchu, reduce the rate of over taiwan.

3, select a larger margin varieties.

for small cities in terms of the restaurant, both selling high profits and high point of the dish is the best, must be the core of the dishes as a combination of general housekeeping, specialty, specialty dishes. For the best-selling but low profit point of the dish, is a small profit and turnover, generally large

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