What are the names of the dried fruit shop

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will use what kind of dried fruit shop name, not just from the can, when in fact many also want to have a certain meaning, so that more consumers remember shops, business will naturally develop better. So, if you want to give the name of the dried fruit shop, which will be more meaningful name? In other words, what are the names of the dried fruit shop?

1, dried fruit shop name: wood is Yi

interpretation: wood, fruit, or fruit, dried fruit; but, only; Yi, happy, happy together; the meaning is to eat, let dry dry cargo of people happy, that is really good food Yi wood. In addition, the name homophonic mummy, a symbol of food preservation time is long, not bad. The name of the creative and alternative coexistence, Bo eyeball weapon.

2, dried fruit shop name: laugh fruit

interpretation: most of the dried fruit from Xinjiang, while the nuts produced in Xinjiang, a smile on the open heart, only opened the taste is better. Popular name good remember, with the industry has a good correlation. Simple and easy to remember, have affinity, at a glance.


3, dried fruit shop explosion chewing

interpretation: is to eat in the store fruit aroma feel breath, this shop is very impact.

4, dried fruit shop name: Wanfu

interpretation: Wan, for quantifiers, to describe the number of many kinds of. Blessings, blessings, and luck.

5, dried fruit shop name: Yi Xiang Xiang

interpretation: recall that memorable, food store food, incense ah, absolutely make you memorable.

6, dried fruit shop name: Food Xinjiang

interpretation: food, food, Xinjiang, a long life, health, embodied the idea of green. Eat no Xinjiang together on behalf of the food taste good, always can’t eat enough, there is also the origin of food, and then a little deeper can also be understood as the Xinjiang nuts are the most delicious food, so the name of xinjiang.

7, dried fruit shop name: natural flavor

: natural, natural, no chemical additives, the food itself is the most natural flavor. Simple and easy to remember, content, in line with the market positioning of high quality.

8, dried fruit shop name: new Royal still product

interpretation: dried fruit is delicious, do in the new royal Shang goods.


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