Look at the 27 year old red is how to get on the Forbes list

this is a WiFi to survival time for modern young people, red net charm is huge, and some red net to make full use of the advantages of the Internet for himself paved the road to riches, finally boarded the Forbes list.

MichellePhan’s childhood and most of us probably different childhood, her father was a gambler, "my mother often hid the money in my teddy bear, afraid to bet dad." They are one family to afford even the rent is once in a year is 10 evicted. At last she was 7 years old, his father lost all his money away, leaving MichellePhan and mother of two individuals.

"have a lot of money, and be able to have a lot of time to try different kinds of dress and makeup." This is the 15 year old she wrote on a blog. So she went against her mother’s desire to study medicine and went to College of art and design.

2007 may be called the first turning point in the life of MichellePhan. This year, her mother opened a Manicure shop, more than 15 hours of work every day, she hopes to sensible mother to share some of the pressure of life, she began in various cosmetics counters hope to find a part-time job, but because there is no work experience, she was rejected! It is in this year, her the blog has brought an unexpected harvest to her.

MichellePhan on her blog to see two people put up makeup questions, she specifically for the two people recorded a makeup video to solve the problem. This is only 7 minutes on the YouTube beauty video in a week after the click of more than 40 thousand times!

this is the beginning of her beauty tutorial, is her career starting point, since then she started making make-up video tutorials, such as how to eyeliner, makeup, makeup and sweet christmas date. Not only does she make a makeup tutorial, but she also shares some of the costumes, some of the fans, and so on. Video content is rich, full range, and MichellePhan will be equipped with good music for her video, these details are icing on the cake for her video.

"platform will vary, but the content is the most important."

LadyGaga’s first single "JustDance" in 2009 won the singles champion in the United States a good performance, and global sales of up to 7 million 900 thousand and in this year’s MichellePhan also has the quality of

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