A good word can bring more business – to store

a word, not only can make the business of the shop can not do, but also can attract more customers, so that the business booming shop. So, different ways of speaking, the business will have a different impact on the store. Therefore, if it is to open a shop to do business, you need to focus on the way to speak oh.

the day before yesterday afternoon, the store suddenly poured into five or six people. At first, I thought they were together, just to greet the first opening of the customer, ignoring the other.


and I were talking about the price of the wine, another customer said, "boss, you just call the big business and forget about us." I listen to, the thought is bad, the judgment is wrong, hurriedly said with a smile: "I am sorry, I thought you were together. We look first, what kind of wine, today’s checkout, everyone has a gift." One of the customers said: "trust your boss, you are so generous, we buy a lot of things."

finished the account, I took out a delicate lighter, said with a smile: "count, give you." He also said with a smile: "with your attitude, I will come again."

shop now, almost all the prices have been transparent, the reason why the store into the shop, not only the nature of the commodity prices. In short, the customer into the store, they do not only see the price, more importantly, the attitude of the owner. More for the sake of customers, pay attention to the skills of speaking, inadvertently also can retain a lot of repeat customers.

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