Business can not be false promises

in order to attract customers, to reach a deal, and now many sellers will give a promise. However, when the goods once sold, not Renzhang things happen. Who does not stand, no more difficult business letter, everyone knows the truth, and everyone in every day, but once the interests and reputation of the contradictions, or a large number of people with interests, the promise, credit aside.

in recent years, consumers in the media can often see some businesses to make some kind of commitment to consumers, such as lifetime warranty, lifelong free service, etc.. For the time being, regardless of the authenticity of such commitment, on the word life, in theory, such a formulation is extremely unscientific, a little absolute. From a practical point of view, it is impossible. So, some of the so-called lifelong commitment to consumers, in the end how much credibility, it is worthy of suspicion of consumers. Many facts have proved that the so-called "lifetime warranty", "lifelong service" commitment is impossible.

for shops, not in order to make money without taking into account, do not consider their own image, can not do, unrealistic promises or not to say, to do more practical things for customers. Less make some grandstanding, can not fulfill the promise. But once promised, no matter what happened to be as good as gold, promises. Lose faith in the customer, is tantamount to losing the watermelon picking sesame seeds, the loss outweighs the gain!

Zeng butcher trust "story, everyone must have heard about. According to "Han Feizi" records, Confucius’s favourite pupil engzi’s wife one day to go to the fair, son crying to go with his wife, said: "you go home, I come back to you to eat pig." His wife came back from the market, have to kill. The wife stopped and said, "I was just kidding." Zeng said: "if the mother cheated the child, the child would not believe his mother."

then had their sub will kill the pig, pig to honor his wife to eat to the child’s commitment. As a retail customer, I can not do things do not commit chaos, blind commitment. Once promised, you should keep your promise and honor your promise. Not with all sorts of excuse for prevarication customers, which promises to be lip-service which promises to make irresponsible remarks, and customers.

business now, all kinds of competition is very intense, if you do not take certain means, which will be very detrimental to the development of the business. In short, the business in order to win business opportunities, do a good job in the business and the introduction of gift promotion, promotion and other promotional measures, this is understandable. However, the credibility of the first business, the business must not be hot because of business, and in their own commitment to consumers on the sloppy. Businesses can not fulfill their commitments, not only to live up to the trust of customers, but also will lose their business prospects. It is only as good as gold, in order to win more.

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