Guang Jin village cadres to carry out poverty alleviation work a year zero complaints

Although the

economy has been rapid development, a lot of urban residents living standards have been significantly improved, but there are still some people do not get rid of poverty. Recently, a cold wave swept through Guangdong, the temperature dropped "cliff". Town village is located in the northeast of Guangdong Wuhua County, cold and windy, cold rain drift, and the village team "in the village of poverty alleviation Guangdong University of Finance committees cadres in zoucunchuanhu, visits into the precise poverty object of poor households and to understand the life situation of the old party at home, do good to remind the freezing cold work, and to solicit their opinions and suggestions related to poverty alleviation.

of the villagers and their relatives, homely chatter, friends, this is from the University’s poverty alleviation work team stationed in the village for one year to "normal". A so-called intellectual arrogance, not condescending, overlooking the streets and lanes in the fields with the villagers equal exchange, so that they really integrate into the village for the village poverty alleviation work has laid a good foundation to win the village people.

in order to allow the villagers understanding of the spirit of the party and the government’s poverty alleviation policy and higher level documents, village cadres did not read the file but deeply echo what the books say, farmers understand their hearts to need to carry out publicity through the silent way and guidance.

village cadres to recognize, to make accurate poverty alleviation work, first step is the key, must follow the new period of relative poverty standard verification methods, according to the fair, just and open principles to carry out the audit review of the new period of poor households a list of recommended confirmation work, namely "precise identification". In addition, on the part of the villagers failed to meet the requirements of the poor to do the work, to appease their emotions, reduce unnecessary disputes and opposition, and ultimately play a positive effect of cohesion of the people.

Li Bo, the eldest son of

village in town, died in the year before last year, and the daughter-in-law needed to support herself and two children who were still in high school. June, Li Bo to help the team to help solve the problem of poverty caused by an open letter to the villagers, to help the wife to submit an application for help, hoping to be included in the list of poor households in the new era. But the team in the subsequent household survey found that Lee’s wife ran a restaurant, the hotel hired seven or eight workers, business is booming.

in accordance with the criteria for poor households, seven not into the long-term employment of other people engaged in production and operation activities of farmers can not enter the requirements, Li wife a family of three can not be included in the new era of poor households list. Informed of this news, Li Bo can not understand, my heart is angry.

wide gold residency work team captain and first secretary He Xiaohua under pressure again and again home to promote poverty alleviation policy, and give full play to the advantages of information workers, active guidance in the college entrance examination this year, Uncle Li, grandson of correct volunteer commendation

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