Although the top of the private poppy flower is beautiful but illegal

brought flowers roof is a very beautiful scenery, but the roof of private poppies, indeed illegal, recently, a netizen drying out their own ignorance of private roof poppies is checked, the specific circumstances of a look!

27 learned from the police, the local police before Pu’er, through online video seized an illegal poppy eradication of opium poppy plants, a total of 163 strains.

22 this month, the city of Mojiang County Public Security Bureau police station police patrol found online at the alignment process, a netizen posted a video on the mobile phone, the police carefully in the video finally found a similar drug plants poppies. After repeated comparison of the police, the final confirmation of the video appeared in the original plant poppy plant.

according to the housing, the geographical coordinates appear in the video, eventually seized an illegal poppy cultivation in the attic in Mojiang County School District 6 residential buildings, a total of 163 strains of eradication of opium poppy plants. Local police said that although poppy nice, illegal planting can not do!



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