Rural small supermarket – how anti-theft

any one store will not want to be stolen, however, in the current complex social background, many places are easy to steal, especially in some rural small supermarket. Why compared to other retail formats, rural small supermarket is more likely to be stolen? I think this is related to the characteristics of rural small supermarket.

1. in many rural small supermarket, cigarette and other precious commodities is not like a traditional retail store that is stored in the closed counter, but placed in the open shelves, people can reach out and touch, so it is easy to be walked".

2. store business is not very busy, in most cases is a person at the same time keep shop, once customers more, will inevitably give criminals the opportunity to fish in troubled waters ".

3. keep shop for middle-aged women or older people, their awareness is not very strong, the store does not have a camera and other monitoring devices, there is no -time security, which is the reason for the thief choose to start.

4. store generally do not need to save the package, the thief carrying a backpack in easily when nobody was watching the goods into the bag out of the shop.

The characteristics of the


so many customers in and out of the shop every day, how do we know which people are not good? Some retail customers friends may have such questions.

from some cases, if we seriously study, or can find some clues. We may from the following three aspects to pay attention.

expression: when the purchase of goods, the customer will calmly unhurried, normal selection of goods, and thieves because the purchase of goods they have an ulterior motive, often absent-minded, look around, observe the surroundings, looking for any advantage.

behavior: normal customers in rural small supermarket to buy goods when there is a clear purpose, the general will go straight to the shelves of goods purchased. Compared with the customer, the thief in the supermarket to buy goods when exposed to strong randomness, see precious goods to find opportunities to start. If there is such a "customer", the owner must be careful.

appearance: according to some cases, most of the thieves are wearing a larger clothes, clothes have pockets. They are often asked several people at the same time, some commodity positions kept to the owner, or exchange goods, invoice, trying to "do". When they attracted the attention of the owner, the others took the opportunity to get out of hand.

how to guard against

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