China’s rural roads more than 50 thousand km

At present, the province’s rural highway mileage reached 50634 kilometers, the province accounted for 78% of the total mileage of the highway, the province’s 94.8% towns and 45% administrative villages in the asphalt cement road; 2911 administrative villages of 69.8% administrative villages in the province to implement the village road hardening, 2 million 800 thousand farmers and herdsmen to bid farewell to the travel difficult.

in recent years, based on national highway construction investment increase in rural and pastoral areas, Qinghai province to build a diversified financing platform to accelerate the improvement of highway grade, rural and pastoral areas in the village, the village started hardening oil and convenient bridge construction projects, support the ecological immigration area, nomads settlement and agricultural industrial Park supporting the construction of roads, so convenient and the traffic capacity of highway traffic has been greatly improved.

since 11th Five-Year, Qinghai province completed a total investment of 15 billion 610 million yuan of rural road construction, the new rural highway more than 30 thousand km, the construction of rural convenience bridge more than 2 thousand. At the same time, in the conditions of the region to carry out urban and rural passenger lines, intercity bus reform, at present, the province’s urban and rural areas, the opening of intercity bus lines in operation 184, the province’s about 1000000 people to enjoy the benefits of low fare travel. Convenient traffic conditions, speed up agricultural resources development and circulation of agricultural products, promote the agricultural facilities, "Nongjiale", "Mu Jiale" and other characteristics of the development of the industry, the income of farmers and herdsmen in pastoral areas has increased year by year, the steady development of the economy, rural road has become the booster of economic development in agricultural and pastoral areas "".


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