Datong County Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out the campus surrounding food and inventory

in order to strengthen the school around the food market supervision, protection of primary and middle school students’ physical and mental health, to further improve the work of the campus and surrounding environment in Datong County, county of Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to the "notice" on the campus surrounding food safety special rectification work and the county food safety office requirements, combined with the actual Datong County, carried out around the campus food special rectification work.

rectification work combined with routine inspections and special rectification, focusing on the county’s primary and secondary schools around the canteen three noes commodity was checked, and to increase the three noes food source tracing and remediation. The key to strengthen market supervision, strengthen market inspections, regulate business activities around the campus operators, banning unlicensed unlicensed behavior; norms around the campus management order, and selling expired, poor food and "three" goods, seriously deal with complaints, maintaining social stability. The rectification of 35 secondary schools throughout the county, 76 kindergartens, 85 primary school examination, in the inspection of law enforcement officers dispatched 312 passengers, vehicles 84 times. Check food operators 912 households. During the seized 85 bags of instant noodles expired, expired oil Hot pot bottom material 22 bags, 15 bags of Hanging noodles expired, expired 210 bottles of beer, drink 24 bottles of "Wahaha" expired, expired food bag 36, investigation of 4 cases of selling expired food.

According to the Xining

Industrial and Commercial Bureau [2012] No. 70 "on the list of substandard food list of emergency notice" inventory of substandard food and the spirit of the document, Industrial and Commercial Bureau county to actively expand the inventory of key substandard food special rectification work. Special rectification of key food was determined as follow: Cherry Tomatoes, plum, crispy rice (spicy), tea flavor of plum, orange, 99 rose 100 soft wine, black gold wine grapes, male unkindness edible areca, haw love, ice grape wine. Key units: rural areas, urban and rural areas, schools, rural (town), and along the highway. Key units: wholesale markets, bazaars, shopping malls, supermarkets, food (Miscellaneous) stores and wholesale, distribution, regional agents.

special rectification to the main business, the implementation of the director responsibility system, requiring the industry and Commerce in accordance with the list of substandard food products, strict checks, careful inventory. At the same time, the business of the strict food market access in the production, the food circulation permit application, acceptance, review, issuance process, strict implementation of the "Interim Provisions" of Qinghai province’s administrative management system of food circulation license management access requirements, in accordance with the audit content itemized review six aspects of personnel, venues, facilities, layout, and health system, strict examination, examination, certification procedures, implement the trial of "nuclear", to ensure that the main legal food business. Regulation requirements for food wholesale enterprises to fulfill their obligation to purchase inspection records and keep sales ledger, purchase of food and food retail units to provide units of the unified format and content of the certificate of purchase sales receipts, rural food (Miscellaneous) shop to purchase inspection obligations, to purchase food inspect licenses, business license and food certificate, to ensure that food from legitimate sources. Rural food demand;

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